Here's a pretty sweet promo video ...
... which I had the pleasure to assist in.  It is a video about Catholic Radio.  Friends, I am genuinely a huge supporter of Catholic Radio.  Since we cannot watch TV or watch youtube in the car (and I took the no texting while driving pledge, hope you did too), we listen to Radio.  Catholic Radio seems to have an endless flow of helpful, inspiring and thoughtful programming.  I really encourage our parishioners to tune into our local Catholic Radio.
101.7 FM in Buffalo
1460 AM or 92.9 FM in Rochacha
Seriously, you should all tune in regularly.  What is the alternative, listening to Bon Jovi sing "Bad Medicine" for the 700th time? Or some commentator gripe about how humanity is not paying enough attention to him? 

C'mon man, why not learn and grow.  Here's the video:

If I look funny, its because I am not wearing my glasses.  Without them I am totally blind, and thus make this face like a just chugged a quart of lemon juice.  Which, actually, I had done just prior.